Your iPhone has multiple messaging options to give your forms network to communicate with you. Your telephone calls are given the choice to save recorded that you retrieve messages later. These messages are known as voice messages and saved in the”Telephone” application. As soon as you retrieve your voice mail, you can delete it to save storage space. Simply pick Voicemail and press the delete button receives voice email list voicemail.

Soution 1: Combine The Voicemail on iPhone Manually

Apple iPhone automatically downloads messages to your voicemail from the voice mail server of the business and saved in the phone memory. If iPhone memory gets full, the phone stops downloading messages, and these are stored from the voice mail server. After the mailbox is full, you can’t receive new messages. Clears messages from the mailbox by deleting messages in your iPhone or checking your voicemail and deleting messages directly from the server.

Measures: Clear voice recorder stored on the iPhone

1) Tap the”Telephone ” icon on the iPhone home display.

2) Touch the”Voicemail” icon in the bottom of the screen to see a listing of voice mailboxes stored in the phone memory.

3) Tap the voice mail message that you want to remove.

4) Tap “Delete” to delete the message.

Steps on How to Delete the mailbox on the server

1) Open the”Telephone” icon and tap on the”Keyboard” icon in the bottom of the screen.

2) Dial your own telephone number to get your voicemail or use the shortcut from the service provider. If you use AT & T, then hold the”1″ key. If you’re using Verizon Wireless, dial”* 86″.

3) Press “1” to listen to your messages. The voice mail system plays new messages and then saved messages.

Solution 2: Completely Erase Voicemail from iPhone without Recovery

But, erasing voice mail or delete voice mailbox can be complex for some operators and the deleted voicemail can be easily recovered by some professional iPhone Data Recovery program. To completely erase your voicemail without retrieval, we prefer you Safewiper iPhone Data Eraser, that’s the most perfect and safest tool for your iPhone to erase info such as messages, contacts, photographs, notes and much more. What’s more, additionally, it can clean up your crap files and compress your photos which will improve your storage.


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