Bluetooth issues aren’t uncommon among Android apparatus. Bluetooth technology has come a long way and so have Android apparatus. However, Bluetooth issues still continue to exist. Bluetooth not working in your own Android? In this guide, we will look into some ways to mend Bluetooth not working issue on Android.

Bluetooth isn’t just a new technology. I still remember using Bluetooth to transfer music in my Nokia 3310 Xpress Music, good old times! Since that time, Bluetooth has come a long way in terms of speed and usability. We now have far more use cases for Bluetooth too. By way of instance, using the headphone jack being phased out, a great deal of individuals are making the switch to wireless headphones. And all these headphones use Bluetooth to connect. Your Android apparatus may not match with your Bluetooth headset.Plus, there are a great deal of wearables that connect to Android devices nowadays. Hence, Bluetooth pairing problems are also fairly common nowadays.

Why Won’t My Bluetooth Turn On?

At the end of the day, Android is a software and all applications tend to misbehave from time to time. When you attempt to turn in your Bluetooth and it does not, you don’t have to panic. Just restart your device and then try to switch on your Bluetooth. Normally, a simple reboot should fix the issue. But if it does not, you may try one of the methods mentioned below!

Repair Bluetooth Not Working Issue on Android

If Bluetooth will not join on your own Android and you wish to troubleshoot Android Bluetooth connectivity problem , we’ve laid out the probable issues and their fixes . Try them all one by one.Option 1: Toggle Bluetooth Connectivity

If you tried and failed to connect your device to your Bluetooth headset or wearable or another Android apparatus, the first approach in troubleshooting should be toggling Bluetooth connectivity. Pull off your notification color and tap the Bluetooth toggle. Wait for a few seconds and then tap it to turn it on. Now, go back to settings and attempt to set the Bluetooth device you want to pair.

Option 2: Check if the Device you are Attempting to Connect to is Working Properly

The moment your device fails to connect to another Bluetooth device, don’t come to some conclusion that your device is to blame. There’s a great likelihood that the device you’re attempting to connect to isn’t working as intended. To be certain that the device you’re attempting to connect is functioning correctly, try connecting it to a different device. If it doesn’t connect with another device also, then the issue is not with your device! This step also helps in deciding which device actually has the Bluetooth connectivity problem .

Option 3: Restart Your Android Phone and Another Device

In Android devices, the majority of the common problems are resolved simply by restarting the device. This simple solution has helped a great deal of people in a great deal of different scenarios. Switch off your device. Wait for a few for moments. Switch it on again. Pull down the notifications color, tap the Bluetooth toggle to turn it on. Bring the device you’re attempting to pair/connect closer. Attempt to join and see if it works.

If it does not work, restart the device you are trying to link to. If it turns back on, try linking it with your device and see if the pairing functions.

Option 4: Remove Paired Devices

When situations like these happen, it’s far better to test out all of the options and not leave any stones unturned. Based on your use, there may be a great deal of apparatus you’d paired previously. There’ll even be some devices that you might never connect to. Let’s do some cleanup and clear the clutter on your settings. Remove all of the paired devices from your device. To remove a paired device:

  • Visit Bluetooth Settings in your device.
  • Within this page, you will notice a listed of apparatus to which your device is already paired to.
  • Tap on the Settings icon to the right of the device name.
  • Click Unpair.

Repeat the above steps until no devices are listed in Bluetooth Settings section. As soon as you’re finished, try pairing a new device and see if it works.

Option 5: Clear Bluetooth Data and Cache

If the Bluetooth connectivity/pairing issues that you’re facing are popping up now and you’ve used to without any problems before, this alternative could help. As with any other Android program, Bluetooth also creates and save cache and data as soon as you begin using it. When these data and cache files get old, they may get corrupted and cause difficulties with time. Clearing Bluetooth Cache might help solve this issue.

To clean Bluetooth Data and Cache:

  • Visit Settings.
  • Visit Programs segment where all the programs installed your phone are recorded.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner and choose Show system programs .
  • As soon as you tap on the above, all of the programs will be recorded. Scroll down and locate Bluetooth and tap the same.
  • Inside Bluetooth program info screen, tap Storage.
  • Once you are inside, tap CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE.

After clearing Bluetooth cache and information, restart your device and try connecting your device to another Bluetooth device.


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