Many iPhone users have a trouble-free use of the apparatus whether it is on a mobile connection or Hotmail, but wireless connectivity problems do happen from time to time. These sort of problems can manifest in a number of ways; occasionally the Wi-Fi and off toggle switch is gray and unusable (sometimes solved by simply stopping the Settings program and relaunching), occasionally the iPhone will seem to link to a wi-fi router but no information will move, connection speeds are remarkably slow, and sometimes the iPhone will only refuse to connect to a wireless network in any respect.

There is not a single unifying cause for all these issues, and wi-fi connection issues can occur completely randomly, regardless of an iPhone version or iOS software version. We get a whole lot of questions about connectivity issues, and for most cases it is a simple fix that’s solved quickly with a reboot or dumping network configurations, but more stubborn cases may call for a complete software restore, while in extreme and rare events, calling Apple’s official service channels is necessary as a result of actual hardware issues. Should you run into wi-fi issues with your iPhone (or iPad and iPod touch for that matter), try out the following troubleshooting suggestions to solve the issue.

1: Forcibly Reboot the iPhone to Repair Most Wireless Issues

It is possible to force any iOS device to restart by performing the following, this can sometimes solve temporary issues and bugs which are encountered. It is simple and quick, so try this first:

  • Hold down the Power button and the Home button until the iPhone restarts

When the iPhone boots back up again, try to use wi-fi again. Sometimes this fixes the problem immediately.

2: Reset Network Settings to Repair Greyed Out Wi-Fi & Network Config Problems

Resetting Network Settings dumps all present network tastes, this causes things like wi-fi passwords, custom DNS, manual IP’s, and some other system certain settings data to be lost, so make certain to write down any significant wi-fi details before doing so. This resolves the vast majority of wi-fi issues for many users, including the most bothersome greyed out wi-fi difficulty:

  • Open”Settings” and go to”General”, then go to”Reset”
  • Choose”Reset Network Settings” and enter the apparatus passcode, then confirm the settings reset

After the network settings have finished resetting, attempt to connect into the Wi-Fi system again. Matters must be hunky-dory at this time, but if not there remains some different choices.

3: Backup & Restore for the Stubborn Wi-Fi Issues

Backing up and restoring an iPhone can be annoying but it will often resolve the most stubborn issues when resetting network settings and induce rebooting the phone has failed. ICloud makes it fairly simple, though in the event you can not connect to a wi-fi network which will not be possible, and you will want to back up to iTunes instead. These guides wander through this if you’re unfamiliar:

  1. Back up the iPhone using either iTunes or iCloud, rather both to possess double backups available
  2. Restore from the backup and join to wi-fi again

This isn’t an overly complex process, but it will take a little bit of time depending on how much information is stored on the iPhone, and depending on which method you use.


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