LG’s new V series of smartphones is the corporation’s most recent effort to capture the smartphone industry. The first offering in the series, the LG V10, features a gorgeous design, a durable body, stunning display, high-end specifications, plus a fantastic camera experience, together with another screen experience that’s quite unique. All in all, the LG V10 makes for an extremely compelling flagship option, particularly for those who expected more from the LG G4.

However, as is true for any present generation smartphone or tabletcomputer, the LG V10 isn’t without its own issues. Which is why, we have rounded up a few of the typical issues which LG V10 owners face and provide potential solutions about the best way best to repair them.

Disclaimer: The LG V10 is among the greatest flagship smartphones of 2015, and it’s probably that you won’t encounter any of the issues mentioned below.

Problem #1 — Display flickering

A number of users have found their apparatus displays to flicker intermittently when using the telephone. The display will dim, like just before it turns off and brighten once more.

Possible solutions:

  • Oddly enough, some users have discovered the Paypal program to be causing this issue. In case you’ve got the Paypal app installed, remove it to see if the problem goes away. Hopefully, a future upgrade of this app will deal with this problem, and you can install it again at that moment.
  • If you find the Paypal program not to be at fault, another rogue application might be the basis for concern. Connect the device into Safe Mode (you can find the directions on how to do this below) and see if this problem occurs. If it does not, a newly installed third party program is the issue. Uninstall any apps which were installed before the problem showed up, and see if that fixes it.

Problem #2 — Protective case prevents fingerprint sensor from functioning properly

The fingerprint scanner of this LG V10 is otherwise true, but users have found that the accuracy to fall dramatically if there’s a case on, or that the scanner stops working entirely.

Possible solutions:

  • This is an issue that’s been acknowledged by LG, and developments to the fingerperint scanner will be made available in a future software upgrade. Basically, the issue today is that contact with the metal sides is necessary when using the scanner to get it work correctly. Taking off the situation makes the scanner work properly again.
  • Some users have found that the setting up the fingerprint scanner again, this time with the instance, helps a tiny bit.

Problem #3 — shot in the top left of this display stops working

Many users have found that the icon in the top right corner of the display, like the back arrow or the 3 dot menu button, stops functioning after some time, no matter which app they’re in.

Possible solutions:

  • That is another well known problem, and appears to be due to the Facebook Messenger program. Users have found that uninstalling the program solves the matter straight away. Hopefully, a future upgrade of this app will tackle this issue.
  • If you find the FB Messenger program not to be at fault, another rogue program might be the cause for concern. Connect the device into Safe Mode and see if the issue persists. If it does not, remove any recent software you might have installed prior to the problem showed up, and see if that fixes it.

Problem #4 — Apparatus automatically switching from Wi-Fi to Mobile networks

Many users have found their apparatus automatically switching to mobile network connectivity for information while being linked to Wi-Fi. The system makes the switch since it supposes the signal strength of the mobile network is better.

Possible solutions:

  • This appears to be a problem with the wise network switch settings. You may go into Settings — Wi-Fi configurations — Advanced and switch off settings such as”Avoid bad Wi-Fi links,” or”automatically change to mobile data”
  • Unfortunately, some users discovered this to be a hardware problem, and needed to get a replacement device, with the brand new phone not suffering from precisely the exact same problem, so that might be the ideal solution for you.


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