Has the Voicemail icon onto your own Android phone was revealing a new voicemail notification whenever there is not any new voicemail or any voicemail messages from your inbox? This can be a fairly annoying issue, so here are a few suggestions to get your voicemail notifications working properly again.Restart your phone

Sometimes we forget that our telephones will need to rest too. Maintaining your phone on forever can cause some funny problems, particularly false alarms, so don’t forget to power off your phone every few days for a couple minutes and let it rest. This can help keep your phone running smoothly. Double check your voicemail

You’ve probably done this a hundred times already, but double-check after power cycling (powering off and on) your mobile phone. If your telephone is still displaying a voicemail message and there’s absolutely not any voicemail waiting in your inbox then proceed to another step.Re-enable the voicemail notifications

Disabling and re-enabling the”display notification” option below the voicemail program settings was a wonderful suggestion submitted by Milton (a website visitor) and I enjoyed this proposal so much that I felt I had to add it to this guide as one of the first things to try when troubleshooting the voicemail notification on a Android mobile phone.

To get the”Display notifications” setting on your voicemail application you will need to access your mobile phones Settings, locate and open the Application manager (sometimes located under the”More” tab on several Android smartphones), be sure that all the programs are showing (you might have to scroll over several pages if the recent apps displayed are below the listing of”Downloaded” programs ), as soon as you find the listing of ALL your programs scroll down and locate the Voicemail program, tap to start it and then deselect the Display notifications option. You might get a warning letting you know that if you do it then you will miss important alerts for this program. Press Okay that will remove the checkmark and disable this setting; after it is disabled press the choice again to enable it.

Just be certain that”Show notifications” is check marked as you will want to know when you get new voicemail messages.

Then return to your home page and be sure your voicemail notification is working correctly. I suggest leaving a test voicemail and rebooting your mobile phone if needed.

If it solves the issue, enjoy, if not then proceed with the advice below.T

This may be a little hiccup on the telephone or Voicemail application itself. A fast cleaning can frequently be quite good at solving this dilemma on your Android mobile phone. This next suggestion will reset the settings and information on the program (s) and shouldn’t cause you to get rid of any voicemail messages which are saved on your wireless provider’s server. Note: voicemails should be saved by your wireless service provider and you should not lose any significant voicemails by clearing the telephone or voicemail program data.

Start by Clearing your Phone Program

Access your mobiles Settings (you can do it by visiting your phones Home page and then clicking on the Menu Key), after your Settings are open find and open the Application manager, scroll to ALL, tap Telephone , then tap Clear info .

Then check to be certain your voicemail icon is showing properly. If it’s subsequently enjoy your smartphone and when that does help to resolve your problem and you want to display your appreciation then do not forget to press on the Facebook Like and or Google + buttons under this report and feel free to also leave a favorable comment in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Clear the Voicemail Program

If for some reason clearing the information in your phone app did not help then try clearing the Voicemail software data also.

To wash your voicemail application, the measures are extremely similar to those used when obtaining the”Show notifications” attribute and when clearing the information on your Telephone program. Open your Settings > Application manager > ALL > Voicemail > and then this time tap the Clear info option.

If your mobile phone is still incorrectly displaying the voicemail telling then you may proceed with the further suggestion(s) listed below.Leave yourself a voicemail

Sounds a bit odd I know, but call yourself and then leave yourself a voicemail. As soon as you check your voicemail, listen to it, and then erase it. After you’ve erased the voicemail you simply left on your machine (do not use visual voicemail to do this) then check and see if your voicemail notification icon is still revealing or if it’s now working correctly.Check your applications

For those who have a voicemail program that you downloaded on the phone, attempt to force stop and/or uninstall this program, restart your phone, and see whether your android begins working correctly again.

This also applies to any software that you may have downloaded around the exact same time that you noticed this situation. If you downloaded a game, health, exercise, weather or other program and the notification began malfunctioning then odds are high that it might be that the application causing difficulties. Try forcing quitting or uninstalling the program (I recommend you uninstall the program ), rebooting, and see whether it’s working correctly again.


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